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la Viarte, Pinot Grigio 2018


Friuli Colli Orientali, Italy 

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Anthony Lynch (Importer)

Sadly for Pinot Grigio, the grape has a history of being over-planted, over-cropped, and over-manipulated in the hands of industrial-scale wineries that have all but ruined its reputation as a fine wine of northeast Italy. For anyone looking to experience its charms when crafted by a quality-oriented producer faithful to the traditions of Friuli, where it arguably reaches its greatest expression in Italy, pay attention to La Viarte’s Pinot Grigio from the radiant green terraced vineyards of the Colli Orientali district. Not thin by any means, it is still exquisitely refreshing: bright citrus and fresh flowers, pinpoint precision, lip-smacking acidity… This is what Friulian Pinot Grigio is all about.

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