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Champalou, La Moelleuse, Vouvray 2015


Vouvray, Touraine, Loire Valley, France 

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Wine Importer Notes (Dixon Brooke)

This is the Champalous’ late-harvest wine, gently sweet yet retaining the mouthwatering acidity that Chenin from the great sites of the Loire can provide. Moelleux, or the feminine moelleuse, is a French word describing  texture that canalso be used to describe food. “Smooth” and “tender” are both translations.
Making a moelleux requires harvesting later, thus achieving higher natural sugar, which provides glycerin in the wine. The trick is to perfect the balance between the decadent textural component and a certain freshness, in order to leave the palate invigorated. The Champalous’ Moelleuseachieves just that and is one of the best ways I can think of to finish an evening at table.

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