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Kanzler, Kanzler Vineyard, Pinot Noir 2012


Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County, California

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Winery Notes

With a nose of black cherry, boysenberry and blackberries accented by caramel, clove, anise and a hint of game the wine has a powerful and compelling first impression. Despite its density and richness, it maintains a compact and lithe profile and never feels flabby or out of balance. The finish is long and compelling showing semi-sweet chocolate, snappy red cherry, black currant, cardamom and crème de menthe. Already evident is the wine’s impressive longevity. A few hours in a decanter greatly benefits the wine and allows it to blossom. Or we recommend popping the cork, tasting, and then re-corking for as long as 24 hours before drinking. Really, it will still be as fresh as new-cut flowers.

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